What the Bleep?

Just back from a two-day retreat over the weekend, where I was locked in a drafty beach house with 12 other women. I returned with many things, including a pretty bad cold, but there is only one thing that I feel like I really need to share with the world, and believe me, it isn’t the cold! Laura GG, a friend and another attendee at the retreat, highly recommends the film What the Bleep Do We Know?, which is an indy film that was a huge thing in 2004 that I somehow missed. The film is part documentary and part fictional story that explores the intersection of quantum physics and typical questions of philosophy and spirituality, such as “What is reality?” Since the Laura GG in question is in fact a physicist and deeply spiritual person, I feel motivated to see the film. According to What the Bleep’s website, the DVD will be released in Spring 2005. (A further search at Amazon lists March 15th as the DVD release date.) Will post a review when I get to see it.

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