Web Marketing Genuis!

Ever heard of a department store in The Netherlands called Hema?  I hadn’t–not until someone passed this link on to me:

HEMA – online winkelen

Go there.  Wait.  Move your mouse around.  Be amazed, then continue reading this post.

The genius of this marketing effort is that it breaks the mold of how a retail store’s website behaves.  People expect that a retail store’s website will let them browse & buy online.  If the store chooses not to go this route, it runs the risk of annoying web savvy shoppers which does zero to help market the store.  This site does just the opposite: it intrigues and amuses the customer and makes them want to remember the brand so that they can share the fun with a friend.  Need any more proof that this site works?  I live in South Carolina.  The person who shared the link with me does, too.  Neither us us have ever been to The Netherlands or heard of this store, but I’ll say this: if I ever found myself there, I’m sure I’ll track down a Hema and check it out!

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