Toe Wars, Episode II

Here’s a pretty horrible thing for you. A few weeks back, I looked at my big right toe and groaned. Holy Crap, I said, it’s that freaking toe again! About 4 years ago, I had a weird toe injury that resulted in having part of the nail trimmed back and then having a cut that was under it get cauterized. It was a sticky, horrid mess,or so I thought at the time. Well, guess what? Same this time, only much worse. After I got the courage up to call the Doctor, and I had a session with Lance, a marvelous friend and hypnosis expert who did an anti-white coat syndrome session with me last Saturday, I went on Tuesday to get it looked it. In just over an hour, I had no toenail, and a huge white gauze blob for a toe. Yesterday I went back to have the dressing removed. Today, this is what it looked like, inline and full color for your viewing, well, pleasure it ain’t…

Toenail surgery site

This is where my toenail used to be.

Needless to say, I haven’t been back to work yet. Perhaps not tomorrow. Saturday’s not looking so good either. Sunday, well, you have to be dead to call in on Sunday, so I suspect that I will go. Perhaps I should email the pic to the Workplace and see if anyone wants to work my Sunday for me. I probably would get the branch stamp thrown at me for exposing them to such ickyness. So I suspect that I will go to work and sit at the desk like a lump and point. If anyone gives me any lip about the pointing, they get the picture to contemplate.

To be fair, I did tell my manager today that I’d rather be helping two of our most problematic patrons ever, at the same time, with no help, than be doing this at home. Of course, this has really wrecked my plans to see Star Wars this weekend. Hopefully I will be able to walk soon enough to see it in the theater before the prints get too beaten up. (Didn’t I mention, the scab, if you can call it that, tends to break open and weep when I put too much pressure on it, like when I try to walk? Or is that, finally, Too Much Information?)

Catch you later, I have to hobble to bed now.

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