This Pretty Much Sums Up SOPA/PIPA For Me

SOPA by The Oatmeal

(Eternal thanks to The Oatmeal, who requested that we “pirate the shit out of this gif”)

Just wanted to go on the record as saying that as a librarian I do not support SOPA or PIPA.  Many other writers have given good explanations for opposing the bills.  Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I’ll just point you to one of the best written explanations of why the bills are a terrible idea.  This one’s by Wil Wheaton, one of the creative people SOPA / PIPA are allegedly supposed to help.

To stop SOPA/PIPA, head to


(And while we’re on the topic of copyright….in case you missed it, the Supreme Court has ruled that Congress has the right to put public domain works back into copyright.  Read more about this lunacy here.)

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