Things-I-Can’t-Get-Into Meme

For my next trick, I will list for you the things that I can’t get into that I would like to get into whenever I think about them:

1. Barbelith: I missed the window of time a couple months back where I could have sent them an email asking nicely for a membership, pointing out the fact that I am not a troll, and gotten in. Now it’s closed again for registration. I really love reading it, but I’m about to go nuts not being able to post there. 🙁 I may wind up posting would-be replies here just to get it out of my system.

2. Often, a parking space where two badly parked cars are hogging part of the space I want to park in. Usually only a problem during times when I am in a hurry and don’t want to have to walk so far in the cold/wet/terrible heat wave, etc.

3. Plastic security packaging for electronics or flash media or suchlike. Well, I usually can get into them, but only after attacking it with knives or the dreaded boxcutter and nearly slicing my own hand off.

4. The staff restrooms at work just before I have to go on the desk. There are only 2 staff rest rooms. We have over 20 employees. Everyone seems to need to use the bathroom in the last 5 minutes before the hour when it’s their turn to go work the desk.

5. Bed before midnight. No matter how tired I am when I don’t go to bed “early”, I still can not go to sleep before midnight.

7. That old pair of Guess jeans from high school skulking around the bottom of my closet. I keep thinking that I will one day use them for the after photo when I get off my rear and actually start exercising, but we all know they’re way out of style by now. 🙂

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