The Big One

I hope it doesn’t appear crass of me to comment beforehand about Hurricane Katrina and it’s landfall. I have a right, I feel, to comment, as I lived through Hurricane Hugo in 1989. I hope that I never have to do what I did again, and I always feel sick when I see another community looking at a large hurricane.

This hurricane, however, is the one that disaster planners have been modeling for a long, long time. It’s going to really suck. I was without a telephone for close to 15 days, without power for 17 days, and without cable until five months after Hugo, but I still had a roof over my head and no one I knew had died. Even so, I date things in my life as Before Hugo and After Hugo. The people living in New Orleans and the surrounding areas would probably happily take those numbers and consider themselves lucky once the storm is done destroying whatever it can. I worry that quite a few people will die.

I call anyone who is a Reiki practitioner or who practices any other alternative healing modality to send protective energy toward those in its path. After the storm has passed, I call us to send support and love to them as well. I also call anyone who can afford it to donate to the relief effort, which will be staggering, by visiting either the Salvation Army or the Red Cross and making even a small donation. In the wake of this storm, should another major hurricane hit the US, the resources of these groups and of FEMA will be strained to keep up with the rest of hurricane season, since they are all still dealing with the 4 storms that hit Florida last year. Please keep these agencies in your thoughts during the approacting holiday season, after the initial shock of the storm has passed and people suffering in the wake of this storm find themselves expected to get on with everyday life. That time, especially, is when they will need us most.

Peace, man.

When life handed us lemons, we made lemonade, and that’s pretty difficult with lemons coming at 200 miles an hour.
-from the instructions of Hugo: The Game, a board game popular in Charleston, well, After Hugo

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