Tee Morris: Dealing With Social Media Now That It’s Grown Up

Bunny ears!  They do exist. 🙂

Evolution of Soc Media: 2001-08 = The Wonder Years
Blogging! – RSS is powerful.  You can do a lot with it.  Leads to LinkedIn & all that, but it had to go through the phase where we waited on dialup to d/l the trailer of Star Wars, Episode 1.

We’ve come a long way from then

Breakout Year: 2009
We finally agreed on the name Social Media.

Success stories include: Iranian election. (you cannot stop the signal) & the blackout protest (New Zealand’s copyright violation legislation where they could boot you off the Net for violating copyright law without presenting evidence)

The mainstream media only remembers CNN v Ashton & Oprah’s part in it.

The Social Media Expert (funny pick of skeevy looking guy).  These are ppl who say hey! I have an account.  I’m an expert. (It’s kind of Guy Kawasaki’s fault)

2010: The Year of Credibility
(Tee has a full time job where he does social media at work.)

This is the year where credibility counts.

Lowes’ FAIL story


Air New Zealand & Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales have it right:

  • on YouTube
  • Challenge other co’s on YT
  • Putting up new stuff they’re doing on YT
  • Food pairings
  • Show you ingredients of next beer on YT & FB

Cirque du Soleli! – free tix to shows for ppl who will blog or podcast about it.  And the seats were good.  They respond to their followers.

LC!!! – is archiving tweets

Comcast is getting it right

Chris Brogan – still doing it right.  Still being very honest. Blogworld post: Why I don’t want to be Chris Brogan

What’s the thing that makes the difference? PARTICIPATION (you also need a plan & strategies for soc media)

We want to be on Facebook? WHY?  I want to shoot a video.  WHY?  Want to set up a community.

WHY? You must have this answer to be successful.

Professional production of video, for example, isn’t necessary.  Thought is.

Book: Social Media is a Cocktail Party is one he recommends.  Came out in early years, so there’s honesty there.

Co’s need to think farther ahead of what we’re trying to promote right now.

To find a book on soc media, look for one written by users, not marketers.

MySpace? (sunk because) user had too too much control.  When you can’t read txt because of bg, STOP it!

On the other hand, FB is in danger of toppling b.c they don’t care much about users.  He thinks they’re trying to stay on top, but twitter sometimes feels like FB simplified.  Whrrl has potential.

Google Wave?  Less than impressed.  Also, he thinks GOOG is 1 step from MSFT.  YEP!  I agree.  Goog’s privacy policy is stinky.  They reserve the right to go thru your mail, for example.  Forcing ppl to be social?  BAD idea!  WP, Twitter, podcasting = control.  Privacy control!

Be Fearless!

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