Equoid by Charles Stross #FridayReads

Equoid by Charles Stross

This week’s Friday Reads selection is “Equoid” by Charles Stross. It’s set in the Laundry Files universe1 and follows an investigation into a possible unicorn infestation in a small British village. Of course these unicorns aren’t from cutesy Lisa Frank notebook covers. Nope! These unicorns are horrible monstrosities with a taste for human flesh. The present-day investigation Continue Reading →

Speculative Fiction 2012 edited by Justin Landon and Jared Shurin #FridayReads

Speculative Fiction 2012 edited by Justin Landon and Jared Shurin

I’ve been doing a lot of reading out of this year’s Hugo packet lately.* Currently I’m working my way through the Best Related Work category. This book collects online essays and commentary about SF/F that were published in 2012. I’m just at the halfway mark where the reviews give way to the essays. I enjoyed Continue Reading →

I Am Alive and You Are Dead: A Journey Into the Mind of Philip K. Dick by Emmanuel Carrère #FridayReads

I had this book sitting in my Amazon wish list for years before I realized that the library owns a copy. Here’s what I can tell you about it from my vantage point at the halfway mark: it’s good. Really good. It’s one of the more absorbing and readable biographies that I’ve encountered. Instead of giving an academic, Continue Reading →

We Have Always Fought: Essays on Craft, Fiction and Fandom by Kameron Hurley #FridayReads

We Have Always Fought by Kameron Hurley

Today’s Friday Reads book is a collection of recent essays and blog posts by Kameron Hurley. The title essay of this collection, “We Have Always Fought: Challenging the Women, Cattle and Slaves Narrative” is nominated for this year’s Hugo award for Best Related Work. Its nomination brought me to discover this ebook. The essays are divided Continue Reading →

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff #FridayReads

The first thing I’ve pulled off that massive backlog of library books I told you about yesterday is this short graphic novel. I’ve gotten about three pages into it today, so I can’t really tell you much about the plot. The story  opens in Constantinople in 1807. The protagonist, Delilah Dirk, is a girl adventurer who has Continue Reading →

Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho #FridayReads

The subtitle of this little book, Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community, does a good job explaining what it’s about. This book focuses on blog workflow and management rather than on technical details of blogging platforms or web design.  For example, she explains that you need to develop a consistent aesthetic for your blog, but Continue Reading →

Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity by Hugh MacLeod #FridayReads

Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod

I picked up this little book on a whim earlier this week. It came from the business section at work (that’s 650.1 for you cataloging nerds out there), but it’s one of those titles that gives catalogers gray hair because it could be shelved in multiple places. The book offers 40 short essays that describe what Continue Reading →

The Burning Dark by Adam Christopher #FridayReads

The Burning Dark by Adam Christopher

I’m about a quarter of the way into the immensely enjoyable book The Burning Dark by Adam Christopher.  Since I’m still not finished, I hesitate to write anything that might be mistaken for a review.   It’s Friday Reads day, though, and this is the book that I’m currently reading.  We’ll have to make the best of it, Continue Reading →

Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Lives and Times by James Goss & Steve Tribe #FridayReads

Doctor Who: The Doctors Lives and Times by James Goss and Steve Tribe

I’m really enjoying this book!  It’s very reminiscent of the old Peter Haining hardbacks that I poured over for hours when I was twelve.  It consists of eleven chapters, one per Doctor.  Each chapter is divided into two sections.  Part one is a collection of fake letters, diary entries, photos, and other fanfic-style explorations of Continue Reading →