Doctor Who: “Under the Lake” and “Before the Flood” First Impressions

I’m covering this two-parter in a very late single post because I’m a bit traumatized right now when it comes to water.


I live in South Carolina, which suffered a rainfall of near-biblical proportions the weekend that the first half of this two-parter, “Under the Lake,” premiered. “How much rainfall are we talking about?” you ask. ::deep breath:: We had two feet of rain. TWO. FEET. Continue Reading →

ALA 2010: REFORMA Advocacy & Social Media: Library Services for All in the Community

Presenters: current REFORMA President Loida Garcia-Febo, Andy Woodworth  | | @wawoodworth Intros REFORMA [one of  speakers is running late never came so we’re seeing more detail on REFORMA’s social media efforts] promotes library & information services to Latinos and the Spanish speaking their website features different social media that they are using for advocacy have a wiki, blog, YouTube Continue Reading →