ALA 2010: Science Fiction: Past Present Future

Eric S. Rabkin, Cory Doctorow and others whose names I hope I catch Neil Hollands. As I just observed on Twitter…he does indeed have a cool jacket, complete with buttons.  I like buttons.  Have a few too many on my lanyard, so it’s starting to look like crazy cat lady librarian’s lanyard.  (I do have a cat, Continue Reading →

ALA 2010: Libraries Wanted: Dead or Alive with Eppo Van Nispen tot Sevenaer

Intro by the President her two initiatives front-line library advocacy; different from legislative advocacy.  Advocacy with friends, relatives, neighbors, library users. -> advocacy university -> front line advocacy.  Have info to train front line staff for all types of libraries.  [2 librarians who came here with me did this train the trainer on Friday] Continue Reading →

ALA 2010: Top Technology Trends

Speakers: Gregg A. Silvis, Joan Frye Williams, Lorcan Dempsey, Cindi Trainor, Jason Griffey, Monique Sendze, John Blyberg Liveblog | This is being filmed.  You have been warned! 😉 Order of Business Each panelist will discuss a current trend Then we’ll focus on immanent trends Then Long term trends Questions (we ran out of time) Current Trends John Blyberg Convergence – mulitlevel Continue Reading →

ALA 2010: Designing Digital Experiences for Library Websites

Ran late!!! Darned 10:37 – David Lee King, of Topeka & Shawnee Co PL True Story: His wife helped her friend figure out where to sign up for summer reading on their website.  A big summer reading banner was right there on the page, but didn’t say “click here to register from summer reading program” Continue Reading →

ALA 2010: REFORMA Advocacy & Social Media: Library Services for All in the Community

Presenters: current REFORMA President Loida Garcia-Febo, Andy Woodworth  | | @wawoodworth Intros REFORMA [one of  speakers is running late never came so we’re seeing more detail on REFORMA’s social media efforts] promotes library & information services to Latinos and the Spanish speaking their website features different social media that they are using for advocacy have a wiki, blog, YouTube Continue Reading →

ALA 2010: The (Screen) Casting Couch

Intros MARS – Emerging Technologies in Reference Section sponsored Moderator: Van C. Houlson Presenters: Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit, Maribeth Slebodnik, Will Breitbach Presenters first, then questions after. MARS meeting tomorrow AM in Ren Hotel Room 12 Section I – Nadaleen mac user Screencasting – what is it? -can it meet instructional need at your lib? defined: digital Continue Reading →