Speculative Fiction 2012 edited by Justin Landon and Jared Shurin #FridayReads

Speculative Fiction 2012 edited by Justin Landon and Jared ShurinI’ve been doing a lot of reading out of this year’s Hugo packet lately.* Currently I’m working my way through the Best Related Work category. This book collects online essays and commentary about SF/F that were published in 2012. I’m just at the halfway mark where the reviews give way to the essays. I enjoyed the reviews (even if I didn’t agree with all of them), and I’m excited to finally get to the essays. As you might guess from the fact that you’re reading this post on a blog, I’m really interested in studying how SF/F reviews and essays are written because I want to learn to write them well and share them with you here. This book is a great way to take a look at a large number of reviews all in one place. I’d also recommend it as a way to get an idea of what was going on in SF/F writing in 2012. Not only can you get a good idea of the range of the books and stories released that year, the fact that they are reviews gives you some insight into what people thought about the things that came out in 2012. Of course you can always use it to figure out if you want to read the books that are reviewed here. I’ve already moved a book from my to-read pile to my sell-back-to-the-secondhand-book-shop pile based on a scathing review included in this book, so it works fine on that level, too! 🙂

* I feel quite bad about this. I missed the announcement when the packet was released, so I kept waiting to hear that it was out. It never occurred to me that I should go check on it. Eventually I realized that I hadn’t yet bought a supporting membership, which explained why I didn’t get a notice that the packet was out. Consequently I had about 10 days to put together my ballot before voting closed. *sigh* Since there was so little time before voting closed, I focused on reading the shorter pieces because at least I could use the package for it’s intended purpose and cast an informed vote for those categories. It’s embarrassing to admit my error because I’ve been a supporting member of Worldcon for several years and I should know the schedule by know. ANYway.

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