Sick Day, Part Deux

And I’m still sick. Blargh! Even though the worst of it passed earlier this evening when my fever broke, I’m now profoundly behind on my NaNo word count. News flash: 20k is not a thing that looks possible at this point.

Being behind doesn’t mean that the larger goal of daily posting and then working a couple weeks ahead of each post can’t happen, though. I just have to keep doing the work, as much as I can, every day. Persistence counts. Words don’t happen for people who don’t go back to their writing space on a regular basis. Even 100 words are better than zero words.

Of course it’s discouraging to realize that winning Camp NaNoWriMo is probably out of reach this time around. Winning or losing the challenge isn’t as important as showing up regularly. Sure, it’s more fun to win! But that’s short-term thinking. Writing is a long game in every way that matters. It takes a long time to get better at craft on a sentence level. It also takes a long time to find your readers–to connect with the people who are interested in what you have to say.

If it was easy, though, if it was quick and simple, would it be worth doing?

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