Review of Mutants and Mystics by Jeffrey J. Kripal

Mutants and Mystics by Jeffrey J. KripalI don’t know where to begin with this fascinating book. First, this is the quintessential non-ebook. The design elements, color plates, and the thick, creamy pages, sewn into a rich cloth-bound book makes this a pleasure to hold in the hand. If you read this on an e-reader, I weep for you.

As far as the topic goes, Kripal argues that many seminal writers of SF and comics chose to focus on the fantastic in order to process the paranormal / ecstatic / numinous aspects of human experience that are not explained by science. This book jacked straight into the part of my brain that loves Fortean phenomena, occult knowledge, and pop culture. If those topics appeal to you…if you were ever a member of Barbelith…if you read comics or have any interest in comparative religion, mysticism, or the paranormal, you should give this book a try.

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