Review: Doctor Who: "The Bells of Saint John"

The Bells of Saint John Movie Poster

It’s that time again–new episodes of Doctor Who are here!  Hooray!  Can you tell I’m excited?  😉  First up is “The Bells of Saint John”, which has been described as either a James Bond-style thriller (squee!) or “The Idiot’s Lantern” rehashed (meh).  Since it’s been about a week since it first aired, I’m assuming that most people who are dying to see it already have, so there may be spoilers below.  Consider yourself warned! My overall impression of the story is favorable, but it is not as impressive as other recent stories.  Maybe part of the problem is that this is the third iteration of Clara that we’ve met, and it’s about damn time we stop meeting her and finally get some proper adventures with her aboard the TARDIS.  I wish that the new series would be brave enough to overlap companions in the way that the old series sometimes chose to do.  When we first met Oswin (before the big Dalek-shaped reveal) I was really excited about the idea of the new companion traveling with the Doctor while Amy & Rory were still around.  When they killed her off instead, I was disappointed.  And then we met the Mary Poppins version of Clara in Victorian London.  She was a lot of fun and again, I was disappointed that this wasn’t the Clara we’d get to keep.  Anyway, now that she’s here, we can get down to business.

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