New Computer!

Of course, I’m still posting this at lunch on my slower-than-dialup work PC…but there is a new computer in my house and for a change, it’s not a busted up hand-me-down that my husband has repaired. Nor is it my husband’s computer at all…it’s all mine! Yay! Here it is:


Isn’t it shiny? It’s an Asus UL30VtA1, which means it’s small, it’s ultra thin & light, it’s got a bigger screen than a netbook so it’s way more usable, and it has a whopping 10 hours of battery life! (No, really! Almost 10 hours and no, not 10 marketingspeak hours, 10 actual real-world hours.)

Of course, now that I’ve had it a couple of weeks, Asus has come out with an almost identical model with a much faster processor and a DVD (or is that a Blu-ray) drive. But we won’t speak of that, especially since mine is my birthday present from my entire family & I’m not planning on watching a movie on it. 🙂 I am a happy little camper!

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