Mur Lafferty: Defining Success for Your Own Self

Before lunch, put together an elevator pitch for a project you have

Mur’s up!  She’s from Durham, NC & she’s talking about taking a step back to see what you’re doing.

She also started without a plan.  She noticed that once you’re done with the rush of creativity, how can you measure success if you had no goal?  You only can compare yourself to others & you’ll go mad!  It’s awful.


Set a goal for yourself so you can see if you are successful instead of comparing yourself to others.A goal gives you:

  • plan
  • tools
  • timelines
  • guidance if you get stuck

Gallup poll: 2% of Americans think they’re rich.  Ppl always thinks “Rich” is more money than you happen to have.

Unpublished author success: a story sale.  Then it’s a small press book.  Then it’s a large press book, etc.Success implies something terminal.  But it’s not (except in sumo)!

SMART goals 

  • Specific: I want X# of, say, listeners
  • Measurable: can actually measure it.  Opposite of vague.  Vague is where dreams die.
  • Achieveable: must pick something you actually can do.  Don’t put down yourself, but youknow.
  • Realistic: can dress up like Batman, but you can’t BE Batman.
  • Time: set time frame for your goal.  (Me: If you don’t know when you’re gonna do something, will you ever do it?)

So…you need a tool is something to help you reach your goal.  People tend to define themselves by their tool.  No!  You are a content creator. Define yourself correctly.

Don’t get too far into ALL the tools.  You have to pick a small set of tools to use.  If you try to use them all, you won’t create.  That’s a dangerous trap to fall into.

We have to grow up & say “Here’s my project  This is what I want to get out of it.  When I hit that mark (I aimed at), then I have been a success.”

She’s working through these things herself.

The goal thing works!  Like flossing.  Amazing that it works (Me: power of attraction, much? 🙂 )

If you want something something someone else has, look at what they did to get it.

(Term: Podio book authors)

Her setup for podcasting: Mac with Amadeus Pro software to edit (crashes less than Audacity), and hosts most of own podcasts, except Farpoint media (did I hear that right?) is one she uses.

Mur Recommends….Jeff VanderMeer’s Booklife

How to keep goals from overwhelming you? Do the Zen Habits thing of only changing 1 habit at a time.

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