Long Time Passing…But Am I Bovvered?

So it’s been almost six months since I posted. Thought I died, didn’t ya? Well, I admit that I got very busy with work and the TiVo and the holidays and….well, who am I kidding? I got sucked into YouTube andA Teaspoon and An Open Mind, didn’t I? And who could really blame me? Who knew that other people besides me long to write fanfiction and look at fan music videos of Doctor Who?

The best thing that’s happened for a while: I managed to get back in touch with someone we shall refer to here as Chelsea. You know who you are, girl! I have known Chelsea since…dear God is it really 15 years ago? Yep. Good lord. Anywho, it was good to talk to her again after all this time. She looks just the same, sounds just the same, and we had fun talking just the same. 🙂

I finished my first attempt at video editing tonight. It’s alternate opening credits for the BBC 3 TV show, Torchwood. If you haven’t seen it, head to YouTube and search for it if you think you’d like Doctor Who on sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.  For the music, I used an excerpt from Massive Attack’s song “Teardrop,” another edit of which is the theme music for House, MD starring the luscious-in-stubble Hugh Laurie. Can’t decide if I want to post the video. It’s a first effort, and I’m not pleased with one or two bits of it, but I can’t decide if I want to share it where real people can see it and be rude for others about it. I really want to do all out music videos with the new seasons of Who. I have some songs picked out. Some of my favorites have already been used by other people, which makes me kind of sad, but who says I can’t do my own?

The Husband and I spent a while tonight watching clips from The Catherine Tate Show on YouTube. If you haven’t heard of her, think Tracey Ullman meets, well, hum….Tracey Ullman, really. Anyway, she does character skits, and apparently her most famous character is a girl named Lauren who is a somewhat chavvy teenage schoolgirl with a chip on her shoulder roughly the size of Nebraska. She gives other people a hugely difficult time, and by the end of it is pointing at her face, saying, “Am I bovvered? Look at my face? Am I bovvered? But I’m not bovvered.” She’s annoying, reminds me of kids when I was in high school, and it’s funny as hell. Must go watch more!

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