Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 5 – Self-Defence

Presenter: Carin who works for Bibliolabs and is a ninja by night.  That’s not really true.
Teacher at – 2 dojos one on the Air Base and ESAC on Dorchester Rd. just above Ashley Phosphate.

Her style:
Isshinryu karate
Okanowan style – currently part of Japan, but it has a separate cultural identity.  A lot of the weapons used in this style derive from farming & fishing implements

Started in 1954.  Some of the first students were Marines from the base on Okinawa.

Presenter is 5 generations from the founder; that’s not a brag, just a measure of the fact it’s so new so therefore hasn’t changed too much yet.  It will over time; that’s a good thing.

Originally a purely striking & kicking art.

She learned 3 things: how to surprise attacker to escape.  To hurt them, to escape.  To kill them — to know when your stopping point is, so she’ll never ever have to do that.

Rule One: Don’t use this if you don’t have to.  First, try to talk it out.  THEN, if they attack you, the conversation is over.

If someone at the bar is going to attack you, they’re going to grab your shirt or your arm. If they use both hands, you know where their hands are.  Break the grip at the weakest part.

If someone graps your lapels: Weave your arms around theirs and make a fist, then break their wrist.

If someone grabs your wrist, the instructions are on your palm. All you have to do is read them.  (Also, move toward your attacker.)  If they won’t let go, press your knuckles into the space between their knuckles or the nerves in your arms.  If someone grabs both wrists, read the instructions with both hands, then push the back of your arms up either side of their neck.  That will hurt surprise them.

Suppose they hold you and throw a haymaker punch.  Step into the punch.  When they miss you, strike their chin or upper lip with the heel of your hand, and rake their face on the way down with your fingernails.  Once they threw that punch, you’re ok to defend yourself.  You never closed your fist.

Cross your fingers, use your knuckles for precision.  You can cross your fingers, press them into the hollow of someone’s throat and down, then pull back.  Ouch!

You can box someone’s ears with open palms.

A concussion is when your brain hits your skull.  Punch them in the nose?  Nope.  Use an uppercut instead.

If one thing doesn’t work, use combos of things.

If you lock someone’s joints, they become pain compliant.  It hurts them not to do what you want.  Use this in combo with something else.  Some people joint locks can become systemic and one follows onto the other…a good wrist lock can become an elbow lock, and then a shoulder lock.  Some people can turn a wrist lock into a full body joint lock.

Street fighting can be all about below the waist.  Not just the groin.  If you’re in heels or sturdy shoes, start at the knee and rake your instep down the leg, then step on their foot with your heel.  Turn your leg to the side to get more surface area on their leg.

Remember, the object is to get away from your attacker.

Have things in your hand.  Hair brushes, keys, rape whistle, have your phone ready, but don’t be on it.  Unlock your car from a distance away.  Look in your car before you get in it.  Lock the door when you get inside.  A bottle opener on your keychain held between your hands.  Keys between your knuckles is for raking, not punching.  Hold a roll of coins in your hand to punch them instead.  Better to strike with an open hand.  If you make a fist, don’t put your thumb in it and punch quickly.

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