Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 3 – Ingress

Presenter: LabThug (Resistance)

“The world around you is not what it seems.”

Ingress is a massively multiplayer online game, but the game happens in the real world.

2 sides, Resistance (blue) Enlightened (green)

Uses the GPS in your phone.  The scanner app runs on your phone as you’re playing.

Instead of sitting in front of the PC, you have to physically go to where the portals are & interact with it.

Intel map – an overlay map where each starfish looking icon is a portal.

It started 1 year ago today & is coming out of beta on 12/14

2 primary colors on map.  You can zoom in & out and help players on the ground doing things.

Ingress’ stock intel map is kind of clunky; IITC – conversions that produces a better map, but it’s against the TOC.

Cross between Risk, Capture the Flag, & Foursquare.

There are 8 slots in each portal.  You have to place resonators in each slot.  Once it’s full, you can link the portals with lines.

New player tip: Get rid of the concept of “my” portal.  It changes fast.  You can set up & lose a portal quickly.

Gray portals exist in CHS, but there’s never been a resonator placed on them.  The portals are libraries, post offices, historical markers & places of interest.  SO there’s a bunch of them downtown because every other house practically is a historical marker.

eXotic matter – appears on the map as floating white blob.  It’s a power/enegry type thing.  You absorb it in your circle of influence. “XM”  Portals spit them out.  An XM dot is created when someone tags a social media post with your GPS location.

In the app, you are a blue triangle.  The 40 meter radius around you is your circle of influence.  8 levels in ingress.  You can add a pic of a portal.

The intel map gives you the full top down image; the app helps you when you’re interacting with stuff on the ground.

Items you can get..
Resonators – batteries for the portal; they decay; max of 8 on a portal; higher levels are capped (the higher your level, the fewer resonators you can use at once).  To build a higher level portal, you have to get higher level players to deploy their resonators on it

Good deployment: well spaced out with 80 m btw opposing.  Get about 40m away from portal to deploy.  It will deploy in the circle pattern for you.  Poor deployment: within 10-15 m of each other, you can more easily destroy them.

XMPs and Other Weapons
XMP – exotic matter pulse bomb
Ultra Strike – ultra concentrated.  Can only use them on MotoX phones.
Viri – flips color

Shields – protects portal
Link amp – allows your links to reach further
Heat sink – reduces 5 minute wait on deploying a hack
Multi-hack – increase number of hacks before burnout
Turret – allows portal to strike back
Force Amp – bigger punch

Ingress Reports – released on Thursdays, you play thru app itself.  Contain passcodes

You decodes section of media and get them, or you can get then from chat rooms.  Vodaphone in Germany gives out passcodes daily.

Google uses hic (sp?) bottled water has passcodes in the water bottle caps.

Power Cubes
external storage of XM
Level 1 – 1000 XM
Stays in your inventory.  If you encounter one of your level, you can use it.

Portal Keys
Remotely charge portal; souvenirs; Lets you link to other portals.

Connects portals; Length of link depends on resonator levels and/or link amps
8 outgoing links.
Unlimited incoming links (so far)
Linked portals have extra protection.
In a color flip, the links are dropped

3 portals linked to form a triangle
You need to put more and more fields on top of each other (nesting field).  One of your goals is to get very dense coverage.
When you are laying down links, you have to work from the edge back inwards.  It helps to plan the links on paper.  See video: Ingress: Field Maximization on YT

Decay & Recharging
24 hours after capture, resonators lose 15% enegry
Recharge 1000 XM at a time
Hit each resonator 5 times, then move to the next.  You’ll get more recharging done.

Portal Submissions
You can add a location to the game by adding a Portal.  Take a pic of the sign, not the bldg.  Try to avoid getting people in the shot.  Be detailed in the description.  You can also submit corrections for screwey location or add a better pic.

Access Points (AP)
for each action, you get different amount of AP,
Ex: Recharge a portal: 10 AP; Place a new resonator (125 AP); Capture a portal: 500 AP

Levels!Level 1 AP Threshold XM Capacity
1 0 3000
2 10000 4000
8 1.2mm etc

As you advance to higher levels in the game, the level of objects’ ranges goes up

Every Agent has a stats page, so you can see your stats.  Take these number with a grain of salt.  His own stat tracking doesn’t always match

They’ve added a badge system; as you achieve, you get badges.

The shaper alphabet; has been decoded.  Shapers are aliens.  A glyph has a meaning  The Glyphionary.

Added during #13magnus even
They travel one link every hour on the hour
Cupid’s span – green – destination portal
Piramide de Mayo – blue – destination portal

believes shapers are evil & want humans to keep free thoughts

thinks shapers have helped civilization all along

Local players
Lab Thug – blows up stuff
Knarla – creates things
There are 2 types of players.  This pretty much sums it up.

You can see the list of CHS area players & their levels.  You can see who it is that’s attacking your stuff

Once you get to level 8, you can kind of relax a bit.  (You’ve probably been a little obsessed with the game to get there.  Get some rest; you deserve it!)

A farm is a dense area of portals.

Advice on picking a team: pick your favorite color; all else is a religious debate.

There’s been speculation on a 3rd team.

Bacon Faction.  It’s logo is the Ingress logo, but made of bacon.  (mmm.  Bacon.)

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