Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 2 – TV Commercials That Are Actually Good

Speaker: John @sciandarts

BMW commercial….about delivering pizza.  🙂
10 Kinds of TV Commericals You Meet in Heaven

He worked at Arnold Worldwide in Boston, so he wrote a lot of commercials.  Why do they matter?
TV Commercials Don’t really matter
Too expensive to make & air – and it’s not even measureable like Ad Words
The DVR – who has that power and doesn’t use it?
Netflix – what commericals?
Commercial’s Job? Make a brand HUMAN and ATTRACTIVE
make it emotional, asap
Get viewer to stop & think for a second
don’t be so damn literal
(you do these things with a story.  Always with a story.  Even a good elevator pitch is a story.)
Every commercial starts with a brief
Marketing is the effort it takes to change somebody’s mind and get them to do something new.
You start your commercial with a creative brief
Tools of the Trade
the twist
the reveal
borrowed interest – kind of a bad word, but you glom onto a hashtag or something big going on
exaggeration – “puffery” – you’ll laugh.  you’ll cry.  you’ll never forget this one.
Sorry to tell you?  This is an AWESOME presentation.  FULL of videos I can’t share.  That are sometimes NSFW.
Question: Do you have brands who want to make an emotional connection or do they want to just annoy you?  Depends on the industry.  If you can hold it?  You don’t have to worry about repetition so much.
What about serial commericals?  Well, what if people see just one and never see the others?  In the past, you’d just show it during must-see TV shows.
One of my 2 favorite commercials?
Damn you, Hallmark with your commercial about the Dad who learns to read so that he can read his daughter’s greeting card to him.  You broke this librarian.

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  1. Holy cow, Amanda, I can’t believe I didn’t see this until now (I just changed the agency’s twitter handle and was googling to see where the old one was listed). This is so great, Is it okay if I add this to our blog?