Knitting a Doctor Who Scarf, Part One

After 28 years of waiting, and several years of knitting things, my dream is coming true. Yes, I’m knitting my first Doctor Who scarf.

4th Doctor Costume - Tom Baker by Gareth Milner

Photo by Gareth Milner and released under a CC BY-SA 2.0 License.

I came across the patterns that Tara Wheeler had devised several years ago right after I finally managed to teach myself how to knit. At that time, I was still a fledgling knitter, struggling with maintaining a consistent tension and gauge throughout a project. I squirreled away the patterns and my yarn choice, waiting to get better before trying to make The Scarf.

One of my coworkers recently started knitting a mini Season 18 scarf for herself. We talked shop about The Scarf for a while and it got me thinking about the Season 13 scarf I’ve had my eye on for so long. A couple of weeks ago, Paradise Fibers ran a 15% sale on their yarn. Done!

Twelve skeins of Brown Sheep sport weight wool and $60 later, I had the makings of The Scarf.

Nature Spun sport/DK weight

Twelve lovely skeins of Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport weight. One per Doctor?

I started knitting the gauge swatch Sunday night, and cast on The Scarf proper last night.

Gauge swatch for The Scarf

I got gauge on my first try! It’s the little things…

As of today, I’m 2 stripes and 49 rows in. It’s still a baby and very portable, so it came with me yesterday and today.

The Scarf on Day 1

Yes, I did mark the front of the scarf so I don’t lose count and change yarn on the reverse by mistake. What of it?

Like any infant, it won’t stay this little very long! To entertain myself while knitting all that Saddle Tan, I’m going to make regular progress reports on my Facebook account. I’ll check back in here once a week so you can see how it’s coming along, too.

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