Jared W. Smith: Emerging Trends In Social Media and Conference Wrap Up

Jared’s emerging trends & a few predictions.

This is what’s going on right now

Real time web
(Social) Gaming

Real time: from IM to…xmpp protocol & this is what real time web is getting built around.  Also, stuff like collecta.com, pubsubhubbub, & status.net a twitter clone better than twitter. (you can set up your own separate microblogging site & talk to each other.  If 1 is down, the whole thing doesn’t crash)

[Jared invokes the Mighty Word of Xarker]

Location: may be scary security-wise, but is still the wave of the future & isn’t going away now.  There is probably a better way to go…hey, that coupon model, foursquare.  Please adopt it.  Ex mayor of walmart = unlocking the biggest loser badge. 🙂

Better location based stuff? #chswx.  NWS+Weather tweet with GPS active+#wxreport = the NWS plots your weather on the Official Weather Map

Social media should be a component of real life.  Going mobile is good!

Social games are reproducing faster than you can hide them! There’s a ton of money in this because it’s easy & fun (for many people).

[Me: Jared’s brother had a Tamagachi?  God, I am soooo old! 😉 ]


  • More info goin public can be Good (government doing this) and Bad (um, someone robbed my house)
  • Yes, have a public & a private persona.  Even the most unfiltered people really have filters.
  • FB earned a lot of bad karma when they changed the social contract to make all that stuff public.
  • Google Buzz was a privacy disaster, says Jared.
  • Privacy backlash is just getting started.
  • Your blog is still important & will become more important….you are foolish if Twitter & FB is your main & only place for your content.
  • he uses an IM notifier to let him know when a blog is updated.
  • Emerging trend: LAZINESS! 🙂
  • magnolia as an example = the hard drive died & it took everyone’s data.
  • Don’t trust another company to trust your data.

Social Media is here to stay, folks!  It will get better & more real time

And as Picard said, “ENGAGE!”

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