It Was Quiet, Too Quiet

Just a quick one, because I’m at work. It is noon, and this place is completely, eerily …empty… It sounds, well, like a library in here. The only thing I can think of is that everyone on Earth is planning on being at the Books-A-Million and Barnes and Noble down the street all night for the Harry Potter release party. Of course, I’m planning on that, too, but I expected a little bit of traffic today. This is like The Dead Zone in here. The last time, and I’m not kidding you, that it was this quiet in here, it was Halloween night. And the time before that, was, well, 9/11, until the schools let the kids out and latchkey kids came here to wait for their parents to get off work. If the penultimate Potter book is creating this vacuum of people, what can the last book bring us? Stay tuned, and find out!

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