Introductions and Etc.

First, keynotes.  Then, which rooms are the breakouts in.  Then lunch with music! (Yay!) with breakouts afterwards.

Tee Morris is the first keynote at 9:30, then Mur Lafferty at 10:30.

This is part tech conference, part art conference, but totally it’s a people conference. Don’t be shy.  🙂  Tell each other what you’re interested in & what your projects are & what you need help with.

This sounds fun: Myrtle Beach Geek Out 3rd Friday of the month at a watering hole with wi-fi.  Deets at

Similar tracks from year to year, but the distribution of interest among them is different each year.

If you’d like to volunteer, great!  Let them know.

Yes, you CAN jump a session to go to another thing that’s more you.  There will be some videotaping & posting online. 🙂

And now…Tee!

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