International Geese of Mystery

Photo by born 1945 and released under a CC BY 2.0 License.

Photo by born 1945 and released under a CC BY 2.0 License.

On the way to work this morning (That’s right.  Work.  No three-day weekend for me!), I had to stop the car in the middle of Highway 61 by the Cactus Car Wash because a flock of Canadian geese was crossing the road on foot.

The birds crossed in two groups.  First up was Lone Waddler who struck out on his own across the road.  The second group of three geese stuck close together and followed Lone Waddler about 50 feet to the rear.  Mercifully, cars in all four lanes stopped long enough for the geese to make their way towards the car wash.  Nobody honked, including the geese.  I had to laugh because if they had crossed just thirty feet to their right, they would have been crossing in the actual cross walk.

It made me wonder.  Where were these geese going?  There’s no water or ponds near this part of 61, just a bunch of houses and parking lots.  What possessed them to hoof it rather than fly?  They could have easily flown across the street, but they didn’t so much as flinch when about 10 cars stopped on either side of them on the road.

Maybe they were spy geese, going to some Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskeysecret goose meeting to discuss the best methods for screwing with motorist’s minds.  Maybe they ate too many berries to celebrate Canada Day and were walking off the fermented fruit hangover.  Or they could have been LARPing Make Way for Ducklings and we just happened to be the drivers who were available to act the part of the people traveling down the road.  If that’s the case, they suck at LARPing because they were all adult geese.  But I don’t have much room to talk.  We drivers also suck at LARPing because the drivers in the book at first wouldn’t yield the right-of-way to the ducks.

In any event, the bird crossing mystery was basically the highlight of my work day.


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