I’m Making the Drachenfels Shawl

Let’s take a break from book and TV show reviews to talk about knitting for a bit. I currently have two projects on the needles, my first Doctor Who scarf (yes, still) and the Drachenfels shawl. I’m a cautious knitter so most of my projects are squares or rectangles with the occasional hat thrown in for good measure, so Drachenfels is one of the most complicated project I’ve tried so far.

I got involved with Drachenfels thanks to a pattern yarn combo sale that a coworker posted on Facebook. It looked like a fun project to try as a knitalong, and it didn’t seem too complicated for me since it’s basically a great big triangle. I bought the red, brown, and gray version of the kit and waited for it to arrive. The kit sold out before my coworker bought one, but she found the pattern elsewhere. A mutual friend saw our KAL plans and asked if she could join in. So our little 3-person KAL was born. In addition to my color scheme, my friends are knitting a white, gray, and yellow shawl, and a light gray, dark gray, and pistachio green version. Everything sounds so super fancy!

The hardest thing about this shawl so far for me has been the cast on. The instructions called for a long tail cast on followed by a knitted row to set up the work. I’m such a weirdo: I will use the crocheted cast on as much as possible. Why? Well, this cast on matches the look of the basic cast off best, and it also knits your first row for you as you do it. It’s the tiniest shortcut for this scarf since the cast on row is six stitches long, but think how much time that saves if you’re casting on, say, 60 stitches. So I insisted on that cast on, but because the second stitch was a kfbf (knit front and back and front again which makes three stitches out of one) I had to cast on and frog it a lot before it looked right to me.

I’ll post a picture of my progress here shortly!

2 thoughts on “I’m Making the Drachenfels Shawl

    • I’m soooo close! The project hibernated over the summer, but I pulled it out of storage a couple of months ago. There’s about 17 rows to go.