had I but world enough, and time | 12.20.06

…I’d read these books that I saw at work today. An except from the reading wishlist of a librarian who knows that she’ll never be able to read everything she wants to in only one lifetime!

+ Beneath the Metropolis: The Secret Lives of Cities – Alex Marshall (adult, nonfiction, cities, archaeology, catacombs, underground) This book describes the layers of archaeological information hiding beneath the surface of major world cities. Includes many photos and an illustrated cross section of each city’s underworld.

+ Digging for the Truth – Josh Bernstein (adult, nonfiction, history, tv tie-in) Yes, a tie-in to the television show of the same name. Yay!

+ Christianity: The Origins of a Pagan Religion – Phillipe Walter, trans. by Jon E. Graham (adult, nonfiction, christianity, paganism, medieval history, syncretism) The author argues that medieval Christianity was a largely syncretic faith since it grafted large chunks of pagan beliefs onto itself to attract and retain more converts.

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