had I but world enough, and time | 11.28.06

…I’d read these books that I saw at work today. An except from the reading wishlist of a librarian who knows that she’ll never be able to read everything she wants to in only one lifetime!

+ Gossamer – Lois Lowry (YA, fantasy, dreams, nightmares) My copy of this book came in at work today. The head of YA Services for my library systems booktalked it at the last YA meeting, and it sounded great. What would it be like if the only place your dreams could come from was the memories held within items you owned? Each person has a dream giver who visits at night and pulls those memories into your dreams. Imagine what would happen if you only had bad memories–or you could just readGossamer and find out. This book might even be safe for children as young as 8 to read it with a parent or other family member, according to the booktalk. Maybe I’ll get around to reading it before it’s due back to the library…

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