had I but world enough, and time | 11.22.06

…I’d read these books that I saw at work today. An except from the reading wishlist of a librarian who knows that she’ll never be able to read everything she wants to in only one lifetime!

+ Dead Cat Bounce – Norman Green (adult, fiction, crime) Any book with a character on the not side of legal called “Fat Tommy Bagadonuts” needs a second look someday…

+ Chasing the Dead – Joe Schreiber (adult, fiction, horror) I read part of the last page. Intriguing.

+ A Separate War and Other Stories – Joe Haldeman (adult, fiction, science fiction) Stephen King is quoted on the bookflap: “‘If there was a Fort Knox for the science fiction writers who really matter, we’d have to lock Haldeman up there.'”

+ The Scroll of Seduction – Gioconda Belli, trans. by Lisa Dillman (adult, fiction, foreign, historical, suspense) First line: “Manuel said he would tell me the story of the Spanish queen, Juana of Castile, and her mad love for her husband, Philippe the Handsome, but only if I agreed to certain conditions.” Professor relates a historical love story to a boarding school girl. Compelled to act out the story, they discover a mysterious manuscript related to the story. Sounds luscious!

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