had I but world enough, and time | 01.18.07

…I’d read these books that I saw at work today. An except from the reading wishlist of a librarian who knows that she’ll never be able to read everything she wants to in only one lifetime!

+ The Physician’s Tale – Ann Benson (fiction, science fiction, historical) The past and future overlap as a healer in a near future tries to survive desperate times after reading the 500 year old diary of a Jewish healer trying to survive in his own time.

+ Sagramanda: A Novel of Near Future India – Alan Dean Foster (fiction, science fiction, India, chases) An employee steals his company’s secret software code and goes on the run. A chase story featuring a devotee of Kali, an assassin who loves to kill for her goddess and is pretty good at it, too. Fun sounding tale from an excellent author.

+ A Single Eye – Susan Dunlop (fiction, mystery, phobias, zen) Darcy, a highwire artist, is desperately afraid of the woods. In true mystic fashion, a Zen master sends her to a remote monastery in the redwoods to overcome her fear. Mystery ensues at the monastery.

+ The Book of Lost Things – John Connolly (fiction, books, fantasy) The main character, in mourning for a lost loved one, beings to hear his books talking to him. I can’t remember who or where, but someone told me about this and highly recommended it.

+ Catalyst: A Novel of Alien Contact – Nina Kiriki Hoffman (fiction, science fiction, coming of age) A boy wanders into a cavern and finds himself in contact with aliens in a soft, warm, nearly sexual environment. The world above isn’t so cozy. Can he bridge the divide between his world and the one he has found? A coming of age story with props on the back cover from the likes of Charles de Lint.

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