Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa

The Husband came back from Target tonight with the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. Someone had passed a shall we say not-for-sale copy to me months ago, but we were good John Q. Citizens, didn’t watch it, & held out for the DVD. Unfortunately, Netflix has a “very long wait” for the DVD. We were going to buy it, but then found out a special edition set comes out November 14th. So we were trying to hang on another month and a half for that.

In a moment of fannish weakness, however, The Husband succumbed to the temptress that is the DVD section of Target, so he bought the standard DVD release. Ahh, bliss. We have now both seen the movie and can stop picking over it in our minds.


I think it’s great that Ed and Al get to be together again, but I think it sucks that they have to stay in our world forever. Winry will never see them again! At least Mustang is going to be okay because he knows that Ed is alive and he’s now with Al. Maybe he’ll at least do well since he has Hawkeye to, well, keep an eye out for him & keep him in line. I was sad that the Hughes in our world is a bit of a brownshirt jerk. That’s just not Hughes.  Really.


Ah well. Everything has to end sometime, but I’m still it’s a bit sad to see the ending of this series. It’s easy to want to stay lost in good stories forever!

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