Forthcoming books that I can’t wait to read

August is almost here. It’s hard to believe, but we’re past the halfway mark of this year. While I have read a ton of good books during the last seven months (the full details of which are available on my GoodReads page), there are always books coming up on the horizon, books that I just can’t wait to read. Here are a few at the top of my hurry-up-release-day pile!

1. Lock In by John Scalzi

Lock In by John Scalzi

2. Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer

Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer

3. Prudence by Gail Carriger

Prudence by Gail Carriger

4. The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

5. Amulet: Volume Six – Escape from Lucien by Kazu Kibuishi

Amulet: Escape from Lucien by Kazu Kibuishi

6 thoughts on “Forthcoming books that I can’t wait to read

    • Oh dear,you spotted the hole in my post. I meant to do that but was running out of time to get a post in by the end of the day for the challenge, so I left that part off! 😉

      Lock In just sounds like an interesting plot, combining medical thriller/body horror with ideas about what could go wrong if your body is controlled by implants that are meant to help you.

      Acceptance is the final volume in VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy and OH MY GOD those have been the best books I’ve read in a long time! The first book, Annihilation, is a textbook study in how to build suspense and the prose is lush, gorgeous stuff. The second book, Authority is all about paranoia and how people who think they are in control can be the most susceptible to it. The books are beautiful and strange and on top of that I have no idea how that series is going to end. It’s just about perfect.

      Prudence is on my list because Carriger is a fun writer. It’s set in her Parasol Protectorate universe, but 20 years in the future. Steampunk novels are usually stuck somewhere in the 1880’s or so–this one is going much closer to the start of World War I and she’s said that the series is set in different Commonwealth nations and will explore issues surrounding colonialism. I’m really interested to see how that’s going to work.

      The Slow Regard of Silent Things is a surprise novella in the Kingkiller Chronicles series. I LOVE the other books in the series and was a little distressed to realize that there is only one more left to go. I’m looking forward to this one because it’s just that much more time I can spend in that world before the series is over. Rothfuss is really good at worldbuilding and drawing characters that you just love. Book 3 is going to be all about the shit hitting the fan and your heart breaking for the characters, so it’s nice to have another story before everything goes to hell.

      Amulet is just a really fun childrens’/young adult series about a girl who moved into her grandfather’s house with her mother and brother after her father dies. She discovers an entrance to an alternate world in the basement of her house where an old necklace she found can wield special powers. I love the illustrations and the story is inventive and a lot of fun.

      Humm…describing the books you want to read now is exactly like taking photos of dessert but not eating any!

      • Thank you! Much happier now. 😉

        Glad I could foil your evil plot of not telling us the full story.

        I keep hearing a lot about Scalzi and ‘Lock In’ … but there are so many books on my to-read list already.

  1. Thanks! I had not heard of Locked In and have added it to my list! I am definitely looking forward to the new Patrick Rothfuss myself:-)