Fad Words (Not Phat, Fad)

The newest fad word to appear like a brown streak across the loo paper of the English language are the words that end in -tastic. (That’s being way too harsh on the poor little -tastic words, but I’m a way too satisfied with that metaphor to delete it.)

It was marvelous and hip and funny when I heard my friend Laura K. describe something as being craptastic. Fad words are like that. The first time, it’s wonderful.

Then today on LibraryThing, I encountered two new iterations: cracktastic (obviously something that is addictive and possibly a timesink if you’re doing it at work) and Ajax-tastic (an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript & XML, which means you can make a change to a web page without refreshing it). Okay. Those are fine too. The last one is stretching my brain a bit for a slang term, but I’m sufficiently geeky to work out what it means and so let it pass. Any more -tastics, though, and I will get annoyed.

Until then, it’s golden.

(PS: My coworker, K, just gave me a related word: Craptacular, and it’s origin, which is Bart Simpson, of course! She uses that one around her house. Come to think of it, I may have heard that one before.)

3 thoughts on “Fad Words (Not Phat, Fad)

  1. Indeed they are!
    I was wondering if the irony of “it’s golden” would work without a smiley after it. I use both the smiley and golden thing a bit too much to be truly complaining about the fad words myself. Still, these words are all really fun to talk about, aren’t they?

  2. Such words embiggen us all. *snerk*

    Fun to see myself quoted on the intarweb…

    Do you still read my blog?


    the infamous Laura K. 🙂