(en)Grave(ing) Situation

Things I might engrave on the back of an iPod or an iPod nano, had I more $:
1. Mischief Managed
2. Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus
3. Video killed the radio star
4. If lost return to (my email address here) (As though that would really work!)
5. What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
6. 42
7. don’t drink don’t smoke / what do you do?
8. Frodo lives
9. my name (in case The Husband ever tried to commandeer it)
10. Timothy McSweeney / didn’t buy this iPod
11. Radio Gaga
12. Fat bottom girls make the rockin world go round
13. There’s a girl with a crown & a scepter who’s on WLSD
14. where’s Neil when you need him?

(You can engrave two lines of text either 27 or 23 characters long, depending on the model iPod.)

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