Doctor Who: "The Beast Below"

Doctor Who The Beast Below banner

Well, that was…odd. Don’t want to be all spoilery, but let’s just say that it felt, well, weird for a Doctor Who episode and leave it at that. Can’t figure out what’s weird about it and neither can The Husband. Matt Smith does seem more alien than DT or Chris Eccleston did, that’s for sure. Karen Gillan as Amy is luminous no matter what she does, or says, or is wearing, or has been dropped into. (You’ll see!)

Wonder if every single thing that Steven Moffat writes has some gut-wrenching twist in it by the end. Jekyll didn’t really…well, I lie, yes it did, but not just a single moment you can point to and say, “Ah-ha! Gotcha!” like the moment in “The Girl In the Fireplace” where you go “Ohhh, the name of the ship was the Marie Antionette, now we see why that happened.” There is a twist in “The Beast Below” and yeah it will make you cry a bit. But gee, a twist every week? Is this the Moff’s version of RTD’s disease where each season finale must sport bigger jeopardy than the one the year before? 🙂

And a few quickies for you:

  • Yes, you did see a sign that mentioned a company we’ve seen before
  • Yes, the Smilers do look a bit like Angry Clownfaced Davros
  • Yes, I think we have met the (spoiler!) before.
  • Been meaning to say this for a while, but tentacle sfx have gotten a lot better since “The Creature From the Pit.”
  • You did see that thing on the ship at the very very last second, didn’t you?

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