Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff #FridayReads

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff The first thing I’ve pulled off that massive backlog of library books I told you about yesterday is this short graphic novel. I’ve gotten about three pages into it today, so I can’t really tell you much about the plot. The story  opens in Constantinople in 1807. The protagonist, Delilah Dirk, is a girl adventurer who has traveled the world. It looks like this book will be about her first adventures with her male sidekick, Lt. Erdemoglu Selim. I’m hoping that this book will be a cross between Doctor Who and a less problematic Indiana Jones. Since Delilah is the bold adventurer and Selim her sidekick, it certainly has the potential to turn the male hero/female companion dynamic these movies on its head. The artwork is gorgeous and I love a good adventure. Here’s hoping that Delilah’s story turns out to be as fun as it looks!

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