CREATE South 2010 Wrap-Up

Whew! Saturday was a fabulous, but exhausting day.  Hopefully next time we can afford to stay overnight instead of getting up at 5 AM, driving there, then driving home again like a couple of zombies.  (Heh.  I said “zombies.”)  Since you can take a librarian out of the library but just can’t get her to stop organizing stuff into a library, here’s a collection of everything to do with CREATE South 2010.  As I find more resources, I’ll add them.

Blogs posts
Muscle Memory by Sue Baiman
CREATE South 2010 A Must-Attend Event by Michael Carnell
CREATE South Liveblog  by Chris Mowder
Home-Ec 101: A Domestic Bushido Haven by Mur Lafferty
CREATE South Recap by Heather

My posts in chronological order
CREATE South Pt 1
Introductions and Etc.
Tee Morris: Dealing with Social Media
Mur Lafferty: Defining Success for Your Own Self
The Grand Strand Technology Council
Cal Miller: Publish Your Own Everything
Bran Cedio: Creating Community, A Case Study
Ken Hawkins: Community Via Content Creation
Tee Morris: Access Denied: Remaining Safe in Social Media
Jared W. Smith: Emerging Trends in Social Media and Conference Wrap-Up 

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List of people who were tweeting by Jeremy Blanton

Some People of Create South by Sue Baiman
CreateSouth 2010 – A Must Attend Event by Michael Carnell
CREATE South 2010 by Eugene Mah
Create South 2010 by
Search for more CREATE South photos on Flickr (yes, it probably has prior years, too, but still…)

Other Collections, Pages, and Things of Importance
Delicious bookmarks about CREATE South from Dave Slusher
CREATE South’s official Facebook page

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