CREATE South 2010 Pitches!

Bad News Robot! – if someone needs bad news, and you don’t want to be the one to give it?  Use the BNR, and it will do the dirty work for you.  Tweets & emails are free, phone calls are $1

Myrtle Beach Geekout – geeks hanging out in Myrtle

Pocket Monkey for iPhone – code editing on your mobile device.  Nice!  (I think there is something similar for Palm Pre)

(I know I’m missing some things in the pitch, here)

Fostering relationships here!  This is something people really should take advantage of.  What’s your idea?  What’s your speciality?  Come find a partner.

Heather Solos – she’s got a book coming! It’ll be done in June & out of March of next year.

Tee – if you’re a writer, find a legal pad.  You never know when you’ll have a good idea.  The Husband: [has a lot of them!]  You need something to get ideas down or you will lose them.  No such thing as a bad idea, it will lead you somewhere.

Bulletin by – An rss reader for ipad & other mobile devices)

Dave – wants to do a documentary this year called Eastern Hospitality on Eastern Europeans working in the hospitality industry.  These are seasonal migrant workers who work in Myrtle in the summer.  He wants to find 2-3 people to help him execute his idea as crew, as setup, or as someone who will help find people willing to talk.  The pay?  None!  Does he have film expertise?  Nope!  (Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂  )

Innovate: Leap Outta the Bowl by Jobie Dixon – a book to encourage you to be creative.  Don’t be afraid to try it!  (Um, he invented the Happy Meal?!  Woah!)

Terry Hoffman – help with Drupal for an agent &

Donald Perry – Art Gallery owner (sorry I didn’t get your name!) – Gallery Left – How to move gallery to the Net.  How to draw eyeballs to an art gallery?  Wants to get a) remote info app and b) provide a link in gallery on art to the artist, something interactive there that works with your phone.

Jonathan (didn’t hear last name) Davis / aka Shy_Clown – Trying to be a standup comedian.  Also would like to do voice overs.  How to get into that is what he needs to know.

Graham Smith – presenting later (Social Media Art at 2 PM) on his FB roadtrip.  Also Duck duck me

Chris Mowder – graphic artist for Sun Times.  He loves what he does & wants to figure out whether to swap to digital media vs print media.

Eve – works with Art Council & Technology Council – there to help you.

[Hope to fill in with better names & links later.  If you recognize yourself or someone here, leave a comment & I’ll fix it!]

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  1. Thanks and thanks! Will add the info to the main post. Had such a great time at CREATESouth and yet it generated such a messy set of posts to clean up. 🙂