Goals, time, and a big blacklog of entertainment

One month's enteratinment backlog

Every day this month, I spent my free time writing and publishing a blog post instead of reading or watching movies. This is what happened. Holy backlog, Batman! This to-be-consumed pile really makes me think about goals and time and life.  We’re so quick to say, “I want to exercise or learn to code or write a Continue Reading →


How to Deal with Distractions by Sacha Chua

One of the biggest challenges any creative person faces is distraction. Okay, you got me: it’s one of my biggest challenges, so I’m extrapolating outward from my own experience. I generally don’t recommend this practice, but it’s probably a safe bet in this case. Our work-in-progress starts out as the most fascinating thing in our lives. Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Imposter Syndrome

Not today, Satan. Not today.

Oh, hi there, Imposter Syndrome.  Fancy meeting you here! I’m in the middle of writing an article for my day job.  The article has been really difficult to write for reasons that aren’t relevant right now. What is relevant is that I’m stuck.  I’m trying to edit a paragraph to tighten it and make it flow better, but Continue Reading →