Book Review: This Census-Taker by China Miéville

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via a Goodreads giveaway.

So I was really looking forward to this book. A lot. I’d read the first chapter when it was posted online a few months ago and could not wait to get my hands on this one. I was super excited to receive the ARC in the mail a few days before the publication date and dove into the book as soon as I could….

And I hit a brick wall. Continue Reading →

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones #FridayReads

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones

I ran across a reference to The Tough Guide in a recent essay about fantasy literature and women writers by Tansy Rayner Roberts. She called it “the one book every fantasy writer should read.” While I’m not presently hoping to be a fantasy writer, I paid attention to this strong recommendation and borrowed a copy Continue Reading →

Empire Ascendant ARC!

I’m so excited! Look what I received from NetGalley yesterday! I’ve had a NetGalley account for several years, but I never really bothered to use it until now. As a librarian/professional bookish person, ARCs aren’t exactly that unheard of in my world. However, it is still quite an event if you get your hands on a ARC Continue Reading →

2015 Hugo Nominations That I Care About

The 2015 Hugo nominations were announced today at 12 PM PDT, or 3 PM Eastern time. The announcements are available for streaming at The nominees I care about are: John W. Campbell Award (not a Hugo) Wesley Chu – I started reading The Lives of Tao and it’s pretty good so far! He’s going to Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Midnight Queen by Sylvia Izzo Hunter

The Midnight Queen by Sylvia Izzo Hunter

I picked up The Midnight Queen at work last month purely on the strengths of its lovely cover and the two blurbs from Juliet Marillier that are written there. (Really, who can blame me for being unable to resist purple-on-purple arabesques behind a white woodcut-style cityscape topped with a woodcut-styled owl?) Continue Reading →

Equoid by Charles Stross #FridayReads

Equoid by Charles Stross

This week’s Friday Reads selection is “Equoid” by Charles Stross. It’s set in the Laundry Files universe1 and follows an investigation into a possible unicorn infestation in a small British village. Of course these unicorns aren’t from cutesy Lisa Frank notebook covers. Nope! These unicorns are horrible monstrosities with a taste for human flesh. The present-day investigation Continue Reading →