SC LIBRIS 2010: Using Art to Examine and Inspire Your Library Career

Presenter: Kris Jones, Head Librarian of the Anne Springs Close Library at York Technical College 1: 15 – This looks hands-on, so the blog post may have to come later! ūüôā It was a very¬†meaningful, hands-on workshop! ¬†Here are the notes I jotted as we worked: Presenter is a soul collage facilitator. ¬†Soul Collage was Continue Reading →

SC LIBRIS 2010: Let’s Skype! Using Skype in Library Programming

Presenter: Meredith Daniel, Piedmont Technical¬†College 10:44 – Overview & demo today. ¬†Yay! ¬†Presenter does Reference, instruction, collection development, acquisition & programming. (Whew!) ¬†They have no budget, so Skype can provide no cost speakers. ¬†Yay! What is Skype? – a VoIP provider. ¬†Peer to peer networking system lets you make “phone calls” between PCs. ¬†You need Continue Reading →

SC LIBRIS 2010: Staff Training 4.0-Double to Magic of 2.0

Presenter: Mary Daubenspeck | daubenspeckm[at] sccsc[dot]edu Site:¬† 9:45 – Ran a bit late! ¬†But here now. ¬†Build something your users find useful. ¬†Don’t waste effort on things your users don’t need. ¬†In a single library, in-person training may be preferable. 9:47 – Must address fears of your staff & users to make things work. ¬†Common Continue Reading →

SC LIBRIS 2010 Conference

Am excited to be heading out to the 10th Annual LIBRIS Conference in Columbia, SC, tomorrow. It will be fun on it’s own, but it’s also another useful dry run for my trip to ALA this year. Technology has really changed since I went to my first academic conference about 17 years ago, and I’m Continue Reading →