Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 5 – Self-Defence

Presenter: Carin who works for Bibliolabs and is a ninja by night.  That’s not really true.Teacher at – 2 dojos one on the Air Base and ESAC on Dorchester Rd. just above Ashley Phosphate. Her style:Isshinryu karateOkanowan style – currently part of Japan, but it has a separate cultural identity.  A lot of the Continue Reading →

Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 4 – Pro Photography Techniques with Amateur Equipment

Presenter: Joseph Nienstedt @joel8x (sp) We need to know how to take better pics with our cell phone cameras. Principles of PhotographyVision – what’s the subject?  the story you’re trying to tell?Composition – what are you including in the picture?  How are you going to isolate image & tell the story?Light You can control those Continue Reading →

Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 3 – Ingress

Presenter: LabThug (Resistance) “The world around you is not what it seems.” Ingress is a massively multiplayer online game, but the game happens in the real world. 2 sides, Resistance (blue) Enlightened (green) Uses the GPS in your phone.  The scanner app runs on your phone as you’re playing. Instead of sitting in front of Continue Reading →

Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 2 – TV Commercials That Are Actually Good

Speaker: John @sciandarts BMW commercial….about delivering pizza.  🙂 10 Kinds of TV Commericals You Meet in Heaven He worked at Arnold Worldwide in Boston, so he wrote a lot of commercials.  Why do they matter? TV Commercials Don’t really matter Too expensive to make & air – and it’s not even measureable like Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS Session 4 (ish) We Named the Dog Indiana

Presenter: Cairn Boone (SP?  I can’t see her tag well) @fortune_n_glory She does encounter snakes, esp. copperheads.  She works out at Drayton Hall. She has a dinosaur.  Archaeologists dig dinosaurs…but they don’t dig them up. 🙂 She doesn’t carry a weapon.  They tell her that you get the whip with the PhD. Who do you Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS Session 3 (ish) Scrivener

Presenter: Andra Watkins The Accidental Cootchie Mama She’s working on her second novel now. (Fiction, suspense) Scrivener! Is writing software for Mac & Windows. There are two kinds of writers: the outliners, and the pantsers.  The outliners do tons of research or backstory planning before they begin.  There are also writers like Andra who has Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS Session 1(ish) Micrononprofits BOF

What works/doesn’t to get the word out?-paid ads suck-good website-CRM – contact record management-City Paper web ads work better (insert crazy hard time I had getting my phone’s hot spot and my tablet to play nice) -Groupon does work for some-Radio is a huge waste of money unless you can find a radio audience that’s Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS 2011: Social Media Marketing Strategic Planning

Doctor Who Power Point Slide, BarCampCHS, 2011

Presenter: Cheryl Smithem Cheryl’s job is to help ppl figure out what their brand is & how to help businesses learn how to market that to their customers. Get to this template: This is the best template she’s found (from David Meerman Scott [sp?]) for sorting out your social media strategy. Social Media: if Continue Reading →