Doctor Who: “Under the Lake” and “Before the Flood” First Impressions

I’m covering this two-parter in a very late single post because I’m a bit traumatized right now when it comes to water.


I live in South Carolina, which suffered a rainfall of near-biblical proportions the weekend that the first half of this two-parter, “Under the Lake,” premiered. “How much rainfall are we talking about?” you ask. ::deep breath:: We had two feet of rain. TWO. FEET. Continue Reading →

Doctor Who: “The Magician’s Apprentice” First Impressions

It’s new Doctor Who time again! Before we begin, let’s talk about what this post is and what it isn’t. What it is: A few thoughts I have about the episode having watched it twice in the first few hours after it’s release. What it isn’t: a full-on critical essay laying out all of the nuances of the story. This isn’t a final pronouncement on “The Magician’s Apprentice.” It’s only the beginning.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at “The Magician’s Apprentice.” Continue Reading →

Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Lives and Times by James Goss & Steve Tribe #FridayReads

Doctor Who: The Doctors Lives and Times by James Goss and Steve Tribe

I’m really enjoying this book!  It’s very reminiscent of the old Peter Haining hardbacks that I poured over for hours when I was twelve.  It consists of eleven chapters, one per Doctor.  Each chapter is divided into two sections.  Part one is a collection of fake letters, diary entries, photos, and other fanfic-style explorations of Continue Reading →