Camp NaNoWritMo Blog Challenge 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 participant

So here’s the deal. I spent several months a while back migrating my old Blogger blog to this install. I’m proud to say that I did it all by myself! It was a lot of work, but website tinkering is right up my alley. It was a fun learning experience.

The problem is that as soon as I finished the back-end work, I kinda stopped actually, you know, blogging. Not that I was a very regular blogger before, mind you. The whole point of migrating to WordPress was to make a blog that was truly mine, something I could control and back up, somewhere I’d feel good about producing work for people to read on a regular basis.

Thus began the idea for the Camp NaNoWriMo Blog Challenge.

My mission: publish a blog post each day during the month of July. Word count isn’t the issue for this challenge. It’s all about consistent publication.

The posts can be on any topic and include illustrations…but they have to emphasize the written word.

Ready? Let’s get started!

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