Bran Cedio: Creating Community, A Case Study

She wanted to make something happen & how she’s learning to get it there.

New Term: fusionist – meld & mixup old things to make new content

She had a miserable experience making contacts, in terms of art.  Online stuff was fine, but in terms of art & dance & music, it was miserable.  Local bellydance community here was a no-go trying to connect.  She noticed that a lot of artists were having trouble making connection.  Fine art had little interaction with edgy artists.  Young & old avoided each other.  Backstabbing & all the ickyness like that.

The worst thing?  She’s seen & thrived in the past in a welcoming community.  People are hoarding resources.  Ick!

It’s starting to change, but it’s not enough yet.  She thinks there’s a desire to create, but aren’t enough venues yet.

The Point

  • We need a groundwell of change.  Revolution of thought.
  • Obey Wheaton’s Law: Don’t be a dick!
  • Creativity isn’t a zero sum game.  It’s like biodiversity…if we work together & diversity, it’s possible for more niches to develop.  [me: That NEEDS to happen]
  • [Humm….can the library be a venue?]

New Term: Permeable Artworks –  to promote permeable membranes between artists, artistic groups, communities.

Community needs some common tenents, like

  • The art of sharing
  • The art of openness
  • The art of Honesty
  • The art of maturity
  • The art of dropping borders
  • The art of collaboration

People usually act from what they feel is right.  Usually there are not that many people in blackhats being jerks.  Remember this when you have a conflict.  Could just be a miscommunication from a different set of values

So if this works, others will want in on it IRL, thus the Online Implementation

  • website (with goals & tenents displayed)
  • list of adopters so those who are on board can preferentially work with each other
  • forum
  • public calendar
  • social media (Twitter, FB)
  • [Hey, Bran! You need to have regular meatspace meeting to build community.  I’m sure you know that, but feel free to ask me about the Small Business Resource Network & how that works]

The first rule of Permeable is we talk about Permeable

  • Raise awareness in an unannoying way.
  • Just do it.  Make the change in how you treat other artists.  We’ve been taught we have to jealously guard & steal.  But this kind of permeable relationship will make your creative life way more fulfilling.

Problems with implementation?

  • Patience
  • Effort
  • Time
  • Trundling behemoths of ideas

It’s a complex subject.  No simple tagline so it’s harder.

So…what are our experiences? (Comments)

  • Jared says that in tech community, it was a kickstart when the P&C would do a thing about what local bloggers were saying.  The first few meetups were really awkward.  Offline meetings that weren’t designated helped. But you can’t force things to happen & it’s rewarding
  • Goes back to setting a goal. We need to drop the self esteem & doubt & shyness stuff to step out of the fear we’ve learned.
  • Brian Richardson’s story about how a meeting where people genuinely want others to succeed helped.

What’s important when it comes to online community?

  • It’s a real person on the other end of the line.  If you’ve made a commitment, and something bad happens in your life that prevents you from doing what you promised, hey! Understand that
  • Some ppl are online all the time, and some aren’t.  Some are twittering constantly & some just check their email once a day.
  • Community does not always equal big blog world. C=knowing someone’s real life stuff.  Being more transparent fosters this
  • “Food bloggers never show you their burned food.  But they still burn food” [heeheee!]
  • Knitbloggers are honest about their screwups & talk about how they fix stuff.
  • Must do something to build trust & comfort level.  Posting real names at the beginning might really help.
  • A name? Permeable?  [me: I floated Permeabl.  Yes, that 5 AM alarm call is really really showing now. 😉 ]


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