Bleeping Review

What the Bleep Do We Know?Finally received my Netflix copy of What the Bleep Do We Know and had a night where, if we cut our drumming group, The Husband and I could sit down and watch it. I enjoyed the movie, but a lot of it for me was like watching a compilation of things I have been exploring for more than half my life. “Yup. Seen that. Yup, read that. Yup, I would suspect that would be true.” My saying this in no way mars my enjoyment of the film. It’s a documentary with a fictional story laid over it, and it’s rare for a documentary viewer to find herself tearing up, hoping the main character will overcome a moment of pain by connecting what she’s doing with what she’s learned and find joy. There were new things in it for me, but not as many as I hoped for. I won’t be giving anything away by saying that one of the film makers in the FAQ section on the flip side of the disc confessed to feeling great pleasure whenever he encounters an idea that blows his mind. I was hoping for more mind blowing than I got here myself. Then again, I’ve made it my business to blow my own mind with arcana for so long, that there can’t be that much left for me to find that’s new, now. Be that as it may, I highly recommend this film for anyone who finds the premise appealing. If more people acted as though every idea you have, every emotion you experience counted for something in the real world, the real world would have no choice but to be a much better, healthier, more pleasant place.

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