Best Thing Evaaahh!

At least, the best thing evaaahh heard in “Evolution of the Daleks” earlier tonight:

The Doctor is on an elevator. The lift doors open, the indicator bings and he says, “Ground floor perfumery!”

Now all you Britcom crackheads out there know he’s referring to the theme song of Are You Being Served?, that insane ’70’s era show set in Grace Brothers department store. I literally clapped my hand over my mouth and squealed like a Beatles fangirl on the Ed Sullivan Show.


Mr. Lucas: “Mr. Humphries, do me a favor and take that man’s inside leg.”
Mr. Humphries: (peers around Mr. Lucas, sees a large Scotsman in a kilt) “Don’t ask me, I’ve given it up for Lent.”
Mr. Lucas: “Which side do you wear your sporran on, sir, the left side or the right?”

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