BarCampCHS2: Zombie OMG!

Presenter: Michael Cole | @mikesdigital

Woo! Zombies!!

10: 23 AM: We’re a wee crowd, but a happy one!

Zombie plan – you should have one!  It’s a piece of paper with your whole plan laid out in pics, or even text.

Don’t go somewhere obvious: a tropical island – someone’s always there.

And which kind of zombie?  28 Days Later?  Regular old time zombies?  Your plans must differ.  Depending on which zombies, you have a better/worse chance to win.

And then theirs intelligent zombies who might be able to do more stuff.  Ex: there’s a tapeworm that lives in cows.  The worm goes up the ant’s spinal column & takes over their brain.  During the day, they act normally.  At night, they clamp onto the top of a leaf.  A cow then eats it. The cow is then zombified.  And thenn…aaaahhhh!  Mad cow?  Naah. Zombie cow disease.

For the weapons: make your own ammo, or weapon that needs no ammo that’s multipurpose.  Over/under or a crowbar/machete that can get you in a door.

Zombie Survival Guide: does include a few newsreports of zombies.  Ruhoh!

Zombie Apocalypse has rules:

  • Don’t have sex
  • Don’t say “i’ll be right back”
  • Get a zombie as a pet. 😉  But he has to be in a cage with no arms or legs with his teeth gone so it can only gum you.  Well, that’s another debate here in the session. 🙂
  • Need to relieve stress?  Get a Hummer and run over a bunch of zombies.  Again, controversial.  There won’t be electricity to get gas
  • Everyone has to get a body check if you’re in a group.
  • Sanitation: wash as much as you can, unless water is contaminated
  • Steven King novel I missed the name… a signal on a cell phone turns everyone into people that give into become a Reaver, basically.
  • Horse: you’d need a Clydesdale if you’re wearing chain mail armor.  “–To the Budweiser brewery!”
  • Car: diesel converted Prius so you can use peanut oil in all the McDonalds
  • Supermarket = Target OR
  • Grocery store = BiLo | Ramen noodles, peanut butter
  • OR go to the Costco for supplies.  Go to WalMart & burn it down for fun.  Fire attracts zombies. Controversy!  Don’t destroy your resources.  But maybe we can just destroy the sign.
  • Get an Eagle Scout to be in your group!
  • Sweet! This was fun!

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