BarCampCHS Session 1(ish) Micrononprofits BOF

What works/doesn’t to get the word out?
-paid ads suck
-good website
-CRM – contact record management
-City Paper web ads work better

(insert crazy hard time I had getting my phone’s hot spot and my tablet to play nice)

-Groupon does work for some
-Radio is a huge waste of money unless you can find a radio audience that’s specific to your needs
-TV, like Lowcountry Live can be done for free, but if you pay you get perks
-Get them to get interested in you for a local or current events topic, LL will have you on to promote it.  Be strategic to use it.
-The Volunteer Line thing on the evening news where they sit you down with 3 phones–might work if you have a wide appeal, but you might just get crank callers 🙁

Some other thoughts:
-Scarcity – if you’re overprogramming, people will say, “meh, I can always do this next month” <--this!!! – tech oriented volunteer matching site.  Has worked for >1 tech help nonprofits.

-Use tech to look bigger than you really are (yes, the email is a rookie mistake)

-Carnell says PATH is going to DotNetNuke (CMS with newsletters, and contact info baked in).  His church uses it, too.

-Oh yes, raffles are illegal in SC if you charge for the tickets.  Instead, what you do is a suggested donation.

-Not everything NEEDS to get bigger

-Local Government support?
-ex: South Carolina Arts Commission, local government comps a venue

Ooop…it’s time to go to the BarCampCHS pic

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