BarCampCHS 2011: Social Media Marketing Strategic Planning

Presenter: Cheryl Smithem

Cheryl’s job is to help ppl figure out what their brand is & how to help businesses learn how to market that to their customers.

Get to this template:

This is the best template she’s found (from David Meerman Scott [sp?]) for sorting out your social media strategy.

Social Media: if it doesn’t fit right, it’s gonna suck.

For business, everyone wants a unicorn that craps rainbows.  BUT you need to make it clear why your service is useful for the user.

The world is not your customer
You need to know the 1 person out of 100 who is your actual customer,
Figure out what challenge or need your product solves for your customers.
Understand your buyer’s persona.  That is key!

It’s all about your customers: what they care about, need, talk about, who they are.

“Buy a computer from me” <–NO!
You need an awesome mobile computer.” <–Yes.

So your strategy must answer the who / what / when / where / how / why questions about your customers.

In other words, YOUR JOB IS TO BE DOCTOR WHO!  Save the buyer’s universe.  🙂

Doctor Who Power Point Slide, BarCampCHS, 2011

Best. Power. Point. Slide. Ever.

So what problems do you solve for your users?  Why are they buying from you?  What do you want them to interact with you on social media?

There is no one right answer for that.  It’s different for everyone.

You need to know & be able to show why your business is remarkable.  What proof do you bring to back up why you’re remarkable?

Choose the networks that will work best for the interaction you are trying to have.  Go where the people are who you want to contact.  Do a photography thing?  Rock Flickr.  Cheryl also agrees that the Google+ interactions are deeper than on other social networks.

You need to understand your company’s/org’s personality.  You need to mesh your social media presence with your overall personality.

(Another good reason to be in social media is to help your SEO goals.)

You need to be sure to schedule your social media interactions when you begin.  Unless you actually make time to enact your strategy, it won’t get done.

Consistency here is important.  Cheryl uses HootSuite CoTweet and Timely.

Schedule Tweets & FB posts.  Use a shared calendar.  Make it your communications calendar and put what you’ll discuss on it for each week.

Stick to the schedule.  You may need to plan way ahead.  One attendee is already working with December…now, on October 22nd.

The business purpose for social media is to listen or develop relationships to enhance your business opportunities.

So…back to that template:

  1. Each column is for 1 subset of buyer
  2. The Where Are They part?  Be sure to take time to listen before you get started to see what people say & how they talk about certain things.
  3. Page two of the template has a nice chart showing types of backlinks that you might have related to the outcomes that you’re shooting for.

Q: Have you used Seesmic?
A: I started, but didn’t really get into it.  Questioner says that she hates it, but her workplace is trying to get everyone to use the same product.

Q: Can you demo HootSuite?
A: [she does]

Q: Can you connect channels together so things go out in multiple accounts
A: Yes, but do it carefully.  Make sure to not use lingo from 1 service on the wrong service.  She likes to use Feedburner to tweak her RSS feeds.
She has found that the simpler her site is, the better interaction she gets with people.  [Agreed! -A]  Cheryl also likes MailChimp for it’s feed based email features.

Q: Is there a place to report email scams?  (He has a site with an online cart that’s getting oddness from Nigerian IPs)
A: Oh, the FBI loves to get them.  Another attendee says that because so many carts are open source & nefarious types are out there with bots doing keyword searches trying to get you to ship them stuff.  Paypal does seem to be on top of looking for suspicious activity.

Q: The biggest enemy for any commerce:  It’s you.  Make sure that ecommerce solution you use is updated.  The second you fall asleep on those updates, they can get to you way easier because the vulnerabilities are well known.  If you’re paying someone to do it, ask them all the time to be sure it’s updated.  Even a company like Magenta, where you get to choose to either let the company manage it, or manage it yourself.  If you’re paying them, let them manage it because the liability is on them.  [This is a smart idea. -A]

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